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A loft conversion is probably the most straightforward way of getting extra space into your home. Almost all houses can benefit from this type of building extension with a bit of basic planning.

Before you can get the ball rolling, however, you will have to have a loft inspection undertaken to assess its suitability.

Everything will depend on the roof structure and planning constraints governed by your local authority or borough. Although there is usually some bureaucracy to overcome, it is pretty straightforward.

A loft conversion in north London can add tens of thousands of pounds to the value of your home. That’s why, every year, we find ourselves building more lofts in homes of all shapes and sizes across North London than other type of building work.

We have seen a growing trend for Loft conversions in Enfield & Walthamstow where ‘home space’ is in the short supply and the cost of moving and buying a new home is really expensive All of our work is bespoke and designed to fit the local area, the house and your personal needs because we understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all loft conversion.

To book your free North London loft conversion estimate, contact us today filling out our contact form. We will call you back within 24hrs. Or, call us direct on: 07519106634

In the meantime, have a quick read of the following. It will give you a very basic understanding of the process.

Do I need Building Regulations approval?

Yes – all loft conversions need Buildings Regulation approval, regardless of whether planning permission is needed or not.

If your home is semi-detached or terraced, you’ll need to notify your neighbour of your proposals if the works fall under the Party Wall Act requirements. We will help you with that.

Is My Loft Suitable for Conversion?

Loft Conversion Assessment - The features that will decide the suitability of the roof space for a loft conversion are;

  1. The available head height

  2. The pitch and the type of structure

  3. .Any obstacles such as water tanks or chimney stacks that obstruct the build/conversion.

Once these essential aspects have been assessed it will reveal how much space you can realistically make from the loft area you have.

How Much Will My North London Loft Conversion Cost?

The cost of a loft conversion in North London will depend on your roof structure, the existing available space and whether any alterations need to be made to the floor below to accommodate the staircase.

Example Pricing - Room In The Roof Loft Conversion

The cheapest type of ‘room in the roof’ for example, a loft conversion in Enfield, would be in the region of around £15,000. However, until an inspection is done and your loft conversion requirements taken into account, it is not easy to give generic pricing.

A loft conversion will usually involve:

  1. the reinforcement of the floor

  2. a couple of skylights

  3. added insulation

  4. a staircase to the loft

  5. electrics, lighting and heating

To better understand the costs involved in your loft conversion why not give us a call on: 07519106634 or contact us by form on this website and we will call you back as soon as it lands in our ‘inbox’.

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