Home Extensions In North London

North London Home Extensions

Moving house in north London, or for that matter, anywhere in London is a very costly exercise.

A combination of growing house prices, increased moving costs, Stamp Duty and the like has led many householders, especially in north London, to stay put and grow their own home space by having an extension.

If you’re contemplating having a home extension then the following information may help you decide how to go about it.

Types Of Home Extensions

When thinking about having an extension to your home, you first have to think about how much room you are looking to create and it’s purpose. This will lead you to understand the type of home extension you will most likely need to undertake.

At Edy Building, we offer the following types of home extension work:

Side Return Extension:

This type of extension is built into the alley way running down the side of your home.

This space can sometimes look small but it is amazingly deceptive and can open up a room to more light and a lot more space than you might realise.

Rear Extension:

Like the side-return, this is an extension that makes use of the space behind your home, at the back of your property.

Wrap-Around Extension:

With this extension type you simply combine a rear extension with a side-return extension.

This type of extension will maximise the space available to your home, especially if you have the space to do a full-wrap (Two side-returns combined with a rear).

Double Storey Extensions:

This type of home extension undertaking is a costly option, however, you gain a considerable amount of space that will either open up to bigger bedrooms, home-office space or make available space for en-suites, new bathrooms or an entirely new bedroom.

If you’re not sure what type of home extension is best for you, with the space you have, we can help you with ideas. We will offer you advice and run through the pro’s & con’s for the type of property you have.

Planning Permission For North London Home Extensions

Planning permission is generally needed for most north London extension work but that is not always the case. It is possible to build an extension within the permitted development.

If, however, that space has already been exceeded or if you live within a conservation area, or you wish to make radical changes to the property that are not in keeping with the local architecture, you will need planing consent.

Once you have decided how best to utilise the space you have, you will then know, with our professional help, what types of permissions you will or will not need.

What To Do Next

If you’re thinking of having building or extension work to your home simply call us today and arrange a site visit: 07519106634

At Edy Building, we pride ourselves in providing you with the service you need to make the right decisions.

We undertake building work across the whole of North London and have an excellent reputation for quality. Predominantly, we are recognised builders in Enfield, Walthamstow and most other surrounding boroughs. Other Building Work Undertaken by Edy Building:

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